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19inchWin7 System Industrial Computer Household Embedded ResistiveTouch Plane computer Screen Single Touch1280*1024

Intelligent computer Squre Screen Win7 System Single Touch 1024*768 Industrial Computer Household Embedded

12.1inch/12inch All In One Industrial Computer Win7 System Built in WiFi Capacitive Touch Screen Iron Shell

Industrial Computer Android System Capacitive Touch Screen LED backlit LCD SSD 32G Resolution 1024*768 4:3

Win7 System Industrial Computer Household Embedded Resistive Touch Plane computer 4:3 Screen Single 1280*1024

Intelligent computer Squre Screen 4:3 Win7 System Single Touch 1024*768 Industrial Computer KTV Embedded 10Inch

Intelligent computer Squre Screen WIN7 System Ten Touch 1024*768 Industrial Computer Household Embedded 12Inch

Resistive Touch Plane computer 4:3 Screen Win7 System Single 1024*768 Industrial Computer Household Embedded

10.4Industrial Computer Intelligent AIO Panel PC Squre Screen Win7 System Single Touch RS232 *2

All in one Fanless 15 inch Touch screen Industrial panel pc monitor AIO computer support LINUX system

LILLIPUT PC-1202 12 Industrial Panel Computer i5 5-wire resistive touch screen Win 7 8 10 Linux system IPC Aluminum Embedded PC

fanless mini pc 4G ram 64G SSD intel celeron processor J1900 industrial computer support wifi dual Lan rs232 12v barebone system

10 inch industrial Tablet PC multi-serial computer dual-core fanless car

19inchAndroidSystem32G Squarescreen LCD Screen Industrial Computer Built in WiFi Capacitive Touch

New 10.1 inch industrial computer/rugged panel pc/embedded computer with Ram 2Gb+SSD16Gb

New Industrial Touch Panel PC, all in one Computer 12.1inch

Compact wallmounted chassis IPC2406C industrial computer case supporting 6slot ISA backplane

21.5inch Win7 System Single Touch1920*1080Industrial Computer Household Embedded ResistiveTouch Plane computer Screen

Hot-sale wall-mounting chassis IPC7120B industrial computer

Imtiaz Md. Nafiz Protection of Domestic . industrial Electrical system by sensing Sound

There are different ways of detection of system disturbance and then protection of domestic and industrial electrical system. But most of them are relatively costly. Here I want to design a system which is less complex and economical than the remaining system. My total system can also served different purpose such as, power saving traffic light system, emergency lighting system, switch on- off system by making sound, thief detection for domestic areas and etc. Here I use sound and vibration sensor to serve the purpose. The total system is designed to improve the comfort level of an individual person. So a Complete System by Sensing Sound and Vibration for Detection of System Disturbance and Protection of Domestic and Industrial Electric System is designed here.

8777 RUR



Industrial computer RC530 4Urack mount chassis

Special Industrial Touch-pad computer mouse USB Interface

Industrial computer RC580 4Urack mount chassis

Industrial computer RC630 4Urack mount chassis

Rack mount industrial computer , 15inch LCD, Q87 Chipset, LGA1150 CPU, 5*COM, 4*USB3.0, rack panel pc

No Monitor 4Gb ram 64Gb SSD industrial computer 2 lan Industrial PC Wirh Intel Celeron N2930 Quad Core CPU fanless mini pc

8U 19 Rack Mount Industrial Computer,17 LCD,Touchscreen,13-slot, P7550 CPU, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD, industrial workstation

15 inch industrial computer tablet pc ,All In One PC Pos Terminal With 3G and wifi

Factory Store Industrial Mini PC With 2xMini PCIE 1xHDMI 2*LAN Intel Core P8600 processor industrial computer

JD-2000B Computer Power Meter Touch Screen Focometer Glasses Equipment Instrument Intelligent Operating System

Patrick Garrett H. Advanced Instrumentation and Computer I/O Design. Defined Accuracy Decision, Control, Process Applications

Written by an expert in the field of instrumentation and measurement device design, this book employs comprehensive electronic device and circuit specifications to design custom defined-accuracy instrumentation and computer interfacing systems with definitive accountability to assist critical applications. Advanced Instrumentation and Computer I/O Design, Second Edition begins by developing an understanding of sensor-amplifier-filter signal conditioning design methods, enabled by device and system mathematical models, to achieve conditioned signal accuracies of interest and follow-on computer data conversion and reconstruction functions. Providing complete automated system design analyses that employ the Analysis Suite computer-assisted engineering spreadsheet, the book then expands these performance accountability methods—coordinated with versatile and evolving hierarchical subprocesses and control architectures—to overcome difficult contemporary process automation challenges combining both quantitative and qualitative methods. It then concludes with a taxonomy of computer interfaces and standards including telemetry, virtual, and analytical instrumentation. Advanced Instrumentation and Computer I/O Design, Second Edition offers: Updated chapters incorporating the latest electronic devices and system applications Improved accuracy of the design models between their theoretical derivations and actual measured results End-of-chapter problems based on actual industry, laboratory, and aerospace system designs Multiple real-world case studies performed for technology enterprises Instrumentation Analysis Suite for computer I/O system design A separate solutions manual Written for international engineering practitioners who design and implement industrial process control systems, laboratory instrumentation, medical electronics, telecommunications, and embedded computer systems, this book will also prove useful for upper-undergraduate and graduate-level electrical engineering students.

7425.18 RUR



Partaker Z8 Intel J1900 Touch Screen Industrial All In One Computer

15 inch industrial Panel aio pc computer with Intel J1800 professor wireless Lan

Stable 2U rack mount chassisRC2400LU with Upscale Al front-panel Industrial computer

10.4 Clip-On Metal Cash Industrial Computer Monitor USB Touch Screen

XM-18EW Temperature Controller Theory and Industrial Usage full automatic computer control incubator

Top quality OEM/ODM 15 inch j1900 VESA wince industrial mini pc touch screen desktop computer


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